Natural Organic Liquid Fertiliser


BBPNo.12  BBPNo12

Natural Organic Liquid is a microbial fertiliser is based on special fermentation technologies, useful for all horticultural applications and crops including vegetables, fruits and flowers.  The major components include live mico-organisms, ocean fish essences and other organic components.  It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, active organic organisms, micro-nutrients and natural growth enzymes.



  • Ameliorates soil and extends soil fertility. BBP NO.12 DiagramClick to enlarge
  • Effectively solubilizes base fertilizers and reduces the effects of salt in the soil.
  • Neutralizes the pH of soil and reduces continuous cropping obstacles.
  • Reduces insect infestation and reduces the need for pesticides.
  • Quickly activates plant immune systems and enhances decease resistance.
  • Significantly inhibits root rot and strengthens root systems.
  • Makes soil nutrients more available to plants and promotes symbiotic nitrogen fixation.
  • Multiple nutrient sources and micro-nutrients increase crop yields.



Foliar spray: Dilute at ratios of 1:300-500, depedning on plant variety and growth period.  Spray the diluted product until the leaves are wet, but there are no drops falling off the plants.  Apply every 10-15 days or up to a maximum of 5 times during the whole growth period.

Root Irrigation: Dilute at 1:200-300 per application.

Argriculture regulator forliar liquid fertilizer 




Organic matters






Beneficial soil organisms

≥5000 cfu/g





This product can be used in conjunction with pesticides.  First dilute as per application rates before adding to the pesticides and thoroughly mixing the blend.

The best time for leaf application is morning and evening.  Keep soil wet before spraying. 

Stored in a cool and dry place, BBP No.12 is stable for 2 years.