BioChar Compound Fertiliser


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This fantastic new product is a Biochar based compound fertiliser.  It's composition is based on soil biology requirements, the physical properties of bamboo and some advanced international technology know-how.  The major components include Bamboo Biochar, Bamboo Vinegar, Humic Acid, N+P+K (13:5:7) and beneficial Soil Microorganisms - a unique 3 in 1 product.  

This combination of ingredients is in line with the demand for early crop nutrient demand.  The bamboo charcoal will not only improve the soil, but also sustain the release of inorganic nutrients, improve the efficiency of fertiliser, provide a stable environment for the growth of microorganisms, all greatly improving the amount of soil bacteria.  The microorganisms activate inorganic nutrients in the soil, improving efficiency of fertiliser.

It is used as a base or dressing fertiliser for all plants and is in a slow release granule form for easy application.

Biochar lasts a lifetime in your soils.



As well as the allt he benefits of our standard Biochar, extra benefits include:  BBP NO.5 DiagramClick to enlarge

  • Activates soil biologies, ameliorates soil structures, increases soil aeration, reduces soil hardening and extends soil fertility.
  • The beneficial micro-organisms reproduce around the roots, enhancing nutrient transfer and decease resistance and reducing insect infestation.  
  • Organic materials including Bamboo Biochar and Humic Acids build the organic carbon content of depleted soils.
  • Provides high levels of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, substantially increasing crop yields.
  • Absorbs residues of pesticides and heavy metals, purifies underground water.



Vegetables, Berries, Melons, Flowers, etc:  6-8kg per cbm (best used before sowing or transplanting)

Fruit Trees:  10-15kg's per tree per year (when 1-2 years old)

Field Crops:  4-6kg's per cbm


BBP NO5 001 04Specifications


25% min (13-5-7) 

Beneficial Micro-Organisms (million/g)


Organic Matter (Dry Base)



6.0 - 8.0 


15% max







Field Trials

LEFT:  BBPNo.5 compound fertiliser applied at 80kg/per mu  /  RIGHT:  General NPK Fertiliser applied at 180kg/per mu

BBPNo.5 Comparison