BioChar Bio-Organic Granules


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Recommended as the main fertiliser for all organic horticulture and gardening including vegetables, fruits and flowers. DE Biogro Logo   

Biochar revitalises your soil by boosting nutrient transfer, increasing soil organic matter and enhancing resistance to pests.  Lasts a lifetime in your soils.

The only Biochar in New Zealand to be Biogro organic certified.

Also certified as 100% organic by IMO according to regulations of EC and USDA.



  • The beneficial micro-organisms reproduce and the roots, inhibiting the growth of harmful mirobes. BBP NO.2 DiagramClick to enlarge
  • Increases the availability of nitrogen and solubilizes phosphorus and potassium in the soil.
  • Absorbs residues of pesticides and heavy metals, purifies underground water.
  • Repairs damaged soils, increases organic matter in the soil and increases crop yields.
  • The active, organic components ameliorate the soil structure, preserve moisture and fertility.
  • Raises the sugar content of many crops, improving the quality, taste and appearance and extending the shelf life.



Horticulture: Mix at a rate of 5kg per cbm, or 5-10% of soil blend.

Field:  Scatter in soil or top-dress.


BBP2 001 04Specifications



Organic matters




Amino acid


Humic acid


Beneficial soil organisms

≥20 million/g




Black granule