About Seek

Seek Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2011 in Shanghai, China by Jason Pu and several Agronomy PhD’s. SEEK is the first and only company in the world, focusing on development, global sales and marketing of bamboo based organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. It is a promising and fast growing industry, promoting sustainable, organic agriculture.

SEEK operates from three locations in China, located in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, combining research, production and sales. Our range of products now includes bamboo biochar based, organic, bio-organic and compound fertilizers and bamboo vinegar based fertilizers, bio-active products and synergists. Many of these products have been certified as 100% organic by IMO, USDA, and OMRI.

SEEK product development relies on an international team with R&D members in China, Australia, Japan and Taiwan. All the product formulations are based on the latest information on soil biology and plant nutrition. They are tested on SEEK’s experimental plots, located in Sunqiao, Shanghai, before going into the global market. Lots of attention has been drawn to the expertise of our R&D members. They have participated in international biochar meetings, organic farming conferences and other, related academic meetings.

In 2013, SEEK joined the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) as a business member focusing on supporting a growing biochar industry through material and quality standards, sustainability guidelines and certification. The performance of our products and market strategies have been recognized by Dr. Joseph from Australia and Dr. Pan from Nanjing Agriculture University (NJAU).

In 2014, SEEK will establish a cooperative research project with NJAU on the effectiveness of our bamboo biochar based products as fertilizers and soils amendments and their respective effects on crop quality, yield improvements, various pest infestations, fertilizer demand and water demand etc.

SEEK has targeted the global markets from its inception and we have exported our products to South Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand etc. As the leader of Bamboo Biochar based organic fertilizers, SEEK will continue in its sustainable manner, writing a new chapter for modern, organic farming.