The following is a list of benefits from the application of Biochar:

  • Soil enhancement that lasts a lifetime
  • Enhanced plant growth d uall benefits of biochar cafs uk 3 638
  • Improves tilth and reduces soil bulk density
  • Increases soil water holding capacity
  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC - the ability to hold onto and transfer nutrient cations: ammonium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium)
  • Suppressed methane emission
  • Supports soil microbial life and biodiversity
  • Reduced nitrous oxide emission (estimate 50%)
  • Reduced fertilizer requirement (estimate 10%)
  • Reduced leaching of nutrients
  • Stored carbon in a long term stable sink
  • Reduces soil acidity: raises soil pH 
  • Reduces aluminum toxicity
  • Increased soil aggregation due to increased fungal hyphae
  • Increased soil microbial respiration
  • Helps plants resist diseases and pathogens
  • Stimulated symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • Increased arbuscular mycorrhyzal fungi